12-pulse rectifier transformer 500KVA

12-pulse rectifier transformer 500KVA

Three phase 12-pulse rectifier transformer product description
1. Purpose
12-pulse rectifier transformer offers DC power for testing the battery group ,Charging piles , motor of electric vehicle , transmission system and power assembly. Functioning as main transformer of the rectifier network .

2. Structure Characters
The transformer use high quality grain orientation cold-rolled silicon steel sheet , iron core and yoke is multistage trap cup rectangular cross-section . Add box iron as clamp beside the up and down iron yoke fastened by the screw ;
Winding material is aluminum coil or copper coil . Due to different power , voltage and current , the primary winding can be cylinder type or rotary type ,secondary winding can be pie type or continuous type . Primary and secondary winding outlet wire head is connected to fixed board or copper bar;
Insulation class : B/F/H;
Both open frame and enclosure type available.

3. Operation Conditions
1. Altitude <4000m  Ambient temperature : -30℃~40℃  When conditions exceed above , will adjust according to GB6450-86;
2. Humidity≤85% (Tem:20℃±5℃);
3. No toxic gas , no flammable and explosive item , no electroconductive dust or steam ;
4. strenuous vibration not allowed and Vertical gradient≤5 degree.

Test Standard
1.Rated working voltage:AC400V
2.Dielectric strength: Iron core - winding 3000VAC/50HZ/5MA, 10s no damage
3.Insulation resistance: Iron core-winding 1000VDCΩ ,Insulation resistance≥100MΩ
4.Noise: <75db(one meter away )
5.Product strictly according to IEC and GB standard

Capacity (KVA) 500
Insulation Class F/H
Operating Frequency 50Hz
Phase 3 Phase
Primary Voltage(V) 380
Secondary Voltage(V) 300/3000/160
Standard GB6450-86

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