Filtering Reactor for Regenerative drive,Rated Current 160A

Filtering Reactor for Regenerative drive,Rated Current 160A

Description of  filter reactor :

Filter reactor together with capacitors can combine harmonic circuit to reduce the harmonic current in the system , mainly 3rd , 5th , 7th , 11th , 13th and higher . Filter reactor can be installed by parallel or serial connection . 

Function  of  filter reactor :

PWM Rectifier LCL reactor , carrier frequency: ≥2K  working Frequency: 50HZ  Phase: 3
Harmonic contains the VFD’s interference for the power grid , harmonics mainly 3、5、7、9、11、13、15、17、19 , output side harmonics mostly 5~10Khz high frequency harmonics . 

Technical parameter of  filter reactor :

Rated current:≤5000A ; Rated voltage:<1000V;dielectric strength : winding-ground 3000VAC/50HZ/60S free of damage 
Insulation resistor : winding-ground , cross core screw-ground 500VDC , insulation resistance≥100MΩ ; reactor noise:<65db (1 meter from reactor)
Protection:IP00; Insulation:F/H , Standard:IEC289;GB10229-88 (eqv IEC289:1987)

Working Environment Requirements  of  filter reactor :

Altitude less than 1000 meters , above 1000meters working under clocking ; Ambient temperature -25℃~+40℃; Relative humidity : ≤ 90%
No toxic gas , no flammable and explosive item , no electroconductive dust 

Application  of filter reactor :

Wind power generation, photovoltaic ,VFD and UPS

IP Class IP00
Nominal voltage range(V) 400
Phase 3 Phase
Nominal Current range(A) 160

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