DC Choke, DC Reactor HEL-H132K, 132KW,280A

DC Choke, DC Reactor HEL-H132K, 132KW,280A

 Description of  DC Choke:

Magnetic network chokes also realize the two way benefit of line chokes. Line voltage distortion and notching caused by the drive is filtered from the incoming AC line supply and conversely interference imposed on the line by other devices is filtered from the drive. The available short circuit current from the line is limited.DC Choke also known as DC Reactor.

Material Features of  DC Choke:

1.High Temperature Resistant : The inside insulation material is combined with frameless process, the choke’s temperature heat-resisting ability is strong, and the class F or H is optional.

2.Noise Decrease : Choke air gap adopts argon arc welding process, which has low noise, small magnetic flux leakage and stable inductance.

3.Electric Magnetic Resistance: Coiled with foil winding process, choke has strong resistance of electric magnetic force and good presentation quality

4.Small volume: Core with grain-oriented cold-rolled silicon steel sheets, making chokes have high reliability, small size, light weight and low cost.

Characteristic of this series:

1.Inverter (System) Voltage:0.4KV

2.Voltage Range: DC 600V-1200V

3.Dielectric Strength: Core-winding,AC 3000V/50Hz/5mA/ free of demage in 60s (test in factory)

4.Insulation Resistance:Core-Winding,DC 1000V,Resistance >100M ohm

5.Noise: Less than 65dB(to be measured at the point 10 meter away from the reactor horizontally

6.Standard: GB 19212.1-2008GB/T1094.6-2011

Application of  DC Choke:

1.Reducing the current in DC circuit.Ensuring continous current when inductance value reach a certain degree.

2.Reducing and preventing the rectifier bridge from damaging and capacitance overheating caused by pulse current.

3.Improving power factor,reducing the AC pulse to the DC bus bar, limiting grid voltage transient.

Inductance Value(mH) 0.18
Insulation Class H
Nominal voltage range(V) 600-1200
Power range (KW) 132
Nominal Current range(A) 280

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